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Pilates Instruction in the classical method featuring private lessons by Brie Adina Neff, certified Pilates instructor.  Also offering group classes and 8-week beginner workshops.

Pilates Instructor Certification

Brie Adina Neff and Romana KryzanowskaRomana's Pilates Independent Instructor Training Program (IITP) is available at Equilibrium Pilates, LLC under the direction of IITP Level 3 Instructor Trainer, Brie Adina Neff.  All IITP Trainers have been hand-picked directly by Master Pilates Instructors: Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santo, based solely on their expertise and integrity as teachers, which has produced the highest quality certification program in the business and will prepare you for a lifetime of teaching Pilates the in the way intended by Joseph Pilates.  This program is the closest to the original teaching available in the world today.  Brie was chosen for the Level 3 position by Romana and Sari in 2004.  You can read more about Brie at

At Equilibrium Pilates, LLC, we are committed to continuing the tradition of quality and integrity.  We only accept dedicated individuals who show a true talent and respect for the work.  All study is based on an apprenticeship-style of learning that began in Joseph Pilates' original studio and has been continued by Romana.  The IITP features hands-on instruction, with students working under and assisting Senior Instructor Brie Adina Neff.  Brie has committed herself to mentoring all apprentices throughout the program and making sure that the experience is as informative, safe, successful and enjoyable as possible.  Under her guidance, candidates must complete a total of 4 stages of the program, which include prerequisites, seminars, mandatory lessons, rigorous assessments, and question/answer meetings.

The first step for interested candidates is to go to to read about the program. Following that, you will need to schedule a lesson with Senior Instructor / Level 3 Teacher Trainer Brie Adina Neff at Equilibrium Pilates, LLC (215-923-3669) for evaluation and interview (You must schedule your lesson and interview by phone.  Lessons scheduled via email or internet will not be recognized.) Bring your workout clothes, questions, and good, strong energy!  Please also provide at least 2 professional letters of recommendation for your interview.  Your lesson will be 1 hour and interview approx 1/2 hr - 1hr depending on how many questions you have (1 hour lessons with the Senior Instructor are $95, cash or check only please — Interviews are FREE!) Expect a great workout, some fun, and a LOT of information!

To enter the program, we expect you to demonstrate proficiency in the Pilates system of exercise at the Intermediate level on all key pieces of Pilates equipment and apparatus.  You may take as many lessons as you need to prepare for your “Initial Evaluation” (entrance exam), at which time we can determine if you have reached the Intermediate level.   In addition, students must be able to apply the six principles of Pilates;

  • Control
  • Centering
  • Concentration
  • Precision
  • Breath
  • Flow

Upon successful completion of the IITP, you’ll receive a certificate of IITP achievement, personally signed by Romana and Sari.  You may also be given an opportunity to join our staff here at Equilibrium Pilates, LLC.

We look forward to hearing from you and getting you started on the road to your brand new career as a fully certified Pilates Instructor!

Read pricing information for the Independent Instructor Training Program.

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