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Pilates Instruction in the classical method featuring private lessons by Brie Adina Neff, certified Pilates instructor.  Also offering group classes and 8-week beginner workshops.

About Pilates

Brie Adina NeffOnce known as "Contrology", the Pilates system is recommended for people of all body types, fitness levels, and ages from 14 and up. We at Equilibrium Pilates, LLC enjoy working with a varied clientele including dancers, artists, athletes, business professionals, senior citizens, students, doctors, and much much more! Because exercises are low-impact, we can even work with many health conditions and injuries including back and neck problems. As with any exercise regimen, please get your doctor's approval when starting Pilates.

How do I get started?

We specialize in private lessons, semi-private lessons, group mat classes, and Beginners Workshops. The safest and most effective way to study Pilates is in a private lesson, but beginning students can also sign up for Beginners Workshops to learn the matwork. Please note that group classes are not recommended for individuals suffering from severe injuries or medical conditions. Please call 215-923-3669 to schedule a lesson or register for a workshop.

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