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BRIE has a deep understanding of body types and how exercises work for each individual, so clients experience better, faster results.


What they say

Brie and the girls are THE BEST! In the past, I had tried Pilates and not enjoyed it. I always felt that I couldn’t keep up and that I was doing the exercises wrong: That was before I met Brie and tried REAL Pilates. After only one lesson, I noticed improvement in my posture and overall feeling of well-being. My friends started asking me what I was doing b/c my body looked so “firm” and “trim.” Instead of feeling exhausted after my workout, I leave refreshed and confident. The best of all is that Brie and all her instructors are hands-down the nicest, most well-informed teachers around and are there to help you do your best! Thanks so much to Brie and Equilibrium from a lifetime Pilates convert!! You guys are the best!


Through my practice of Pilates, I have learned that I don’t have to work out at the gym to get a good workout, physically and mentally. My posture has improved and my muscles have become leaner. I don’t injure myself and I feel better in general.

Joni Lutzky

Fantastic instructors and staff!

Chad Hoskins

The staff I worked with is caring and good observers of how I use my body-they were flexible in how they modified exercises so that I could improve without hurting myself.


My injuries have improved to such a great degree that I am not only able to do my daily activities with ease, but also to perform movements in my dance classes, which I have been restricted from doing for several years…the studio is a friendly, comfortable environment, I would come every day if I could!

Rebekah Tigano

Best Pilates Instructors in the City! – Before I met Brie Neff and her instructors at Equilibrium, I could barely bend over and reach my knees. Now my flexibility and core strength is dramatically improved, and I’m doing exercises that I never thought possible. Better than that, I have no more back pain, my posture is significantly better and I dont slouch anymore! All of the instructors are certified, super knowledgable and just fun to work with and be around. The studio is beatiful and full of light. I quit the gym and only go to Equilibrium, and I look and feel better than I ever have.


Brie is attentive and skilled; she has helped me a great deal.

Diane Calesnick

I have more energy now and I feel more energized and clear at work as well. Pilates is the best way to wake up in the morning!


I walked in and saw several stations with different types of equipment. My only thought was “She doesn’t really expect me to be able to use any of this.” So I admit it I was nervous, embarrassed, and thought about running out of there before my session started. But Danielle (the receptionist) was good because she answered my questions and checked on me while I waited. She also was very positive and friendly, so I decided to stay.

Brie was great. She kept talking to me and encouraging me through out the session. I worked as hard if not harder than I do when I do cardio at the gym. But it was better. My back felt good at the end. The other people there were good too. They mention not to laugh even though one of them was a dancer.

In any case, it was excellent. Brie was great.  She didn’t even seem to mind my buckets of sweat.

Dontae W.

A drastic reduction in back aches, much better posture, far less impact of my (generally problematic) knees. I notice these changes when I catch myself sitting taller, adjusting my muscles when I stand and walk, moving from my core. I feel stronger, but more importantly, I feel like I’m finally learning to mobilize parts of my body correctly for my long term fitness…Patience is an incredibly motivating instructor.

Jill Rappaport

Equilibrium has helped me before and after my hip replacement and continues to help me with arthritic joints, keeping them moving with less pain. Greater strength overall, maintaining my upright posture and flexibility.

Judy Levy